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Italian hand, OK, a thing for, ability, acceptance, accord, acquiescence, acuity, acuteness, address, adeptness, adroitness, affirmative, affirmative voice, agility, agreeability, agreeableness, agreement, airmanship, alacrity, alertness, amenability, animation, anticipation, anxiety, anxiousness, appetite, approbation, approval, aptitude, aptness, ardor, art, artfulness, artifice, artisanship, artistry, assent, astuteness, attention, attentiveness, avidity, avidness, aye, beginnings, bent, bias, blessing, bravura, breathless impatience, brightness, brilliance, briskness, cageyness, callidity, canniness, capability, capacity, cast, cheerful consent, cheerful readiness, cheerfulness, cleverness, command, competence, competency, compliance, conatus, condition, conduciveness, connivance, consent, contemplation, control, cooperativeness, coordination, craft, craftiness, craftsmanship, cunning, cunningness, decisiveness, deftness, delight, dexterity, dexterousness, dextrousness, diathesis, diplomacy, discretion, dispatch, disposition, docility, eagerness, earliness, early hour, early stage, ease, educability, efficiency, elan, eloquence, endorsement, enthusiasm, envisagement, envisionment, expedition, expeditiousness, expertise, expertness, facility, farseeingness, farsightedness, favorable disposition, favorableness, feeling for, fine Italian hand, finesse, first crack, first stage, fitness, fittedness, fluency, forecast, foreglance, foregleam, foreglimpse, forehandedness, foreseeing, foresight, foresightedness, forwardness, foxiness, gameness, gamesmanship, goodwill, grace, graciousness, grip, ground floor, guile, gust, gusto, handiness, head start, horsemanship, immediacy, immediateness, impatience, impressionability, in readiness, inclination, ingeniousness, ingenuity, insidiousness, instantaneousness, intelligence, inventiveness, keen desire, keenness, know-how, leaning, liability, life, liking, liveliness, longsightedness, looking ahead, malleability, marksmanship, mastership, mastery, maturity, moldability, motivation, nimbleness, okay, one-upmanship, penchant, permission, plasticity, pliability, pliancy, practical ability, prediction, predilection, predisposition, prejudice, preparation, preparedness, prepublication, prevenience, preview, prevision, probability, proclivity, proficiency, promptitude, promptness, proneness, propensity, prospect, prospection, providence, provision, prowess, prudence, punctuality, punctualness, qualification, quickness, rapidity, ratification, ready, receptive mood, receptiveness, receptivity, resource, resourcefulness, responsiveness, right mood, ripeness, running start, sagacity, sanction, satanic cunning, savoir-faire, savvy, seamanship, seasoning, sensitivity to, sharpness, shiftiness, shrewdness, skill, skillfulness, sleeplessness, sleight, slipperiness, slyness, smartness, sneakiness, soft spot, sophistry, speediness, spirit, spryness, stealth, stealthiness, style, submission, subtilty, subtleness, subtlety, suitability, suitableness, suitedness, summariness, suppleness, susceptibility, swiftness, tact, tactfulness, teachability, teachableness, technical brilliance, technical mastery, technical skill, technique, tempering, tendency, time to spare, timing, tractability, trainableness, trickiness, trim, tropism, turn, twist, ungrudgingness, unloathness, unreluctance, verve, very beginning, virtuosity, vitality, vivacity, volubility, wakefulness, wariness, warp, weakness, wiles, wiliness, willing ear, willing heart, willingness, wit, wizardry, workmanship, zeal, zealousness, zest, zestfulness

Moby Thesaurus. . 1996.


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